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Lascar Introduces Dual-Channel External Thermocouple WiFi Logger

As the push toward wireless connectivity in sensor technology intensifies, demand for access from mobile devices is ever-increasing. Now Lascar introduce the EL-WiFi-DTC data logger for cost-effective temperature measurement. Read more about these convenient devices on our latest Product Announcement page.

Accsense VersaLog TC for Thermocouple Measurement

8-Channel Temperature Data Loggers with Alarm Outputs

CHESTERLAND OH—January 19, 2015

We offer our Accsense VersaLog TC Temperature Data Logger for connection with all thermocouple types. Ideal for temperature monitoring and alarming in labs, medical storage units, incubators, and more, the TC is a versatile low-cost solution. Read more about these standalone products in our latest Press Release.

CAS DataLoggers Now Offering New 4-Channel Temp Loggers

4-Channel Temperature and Voltage Data Loggers from T&D
CHESTERLAND OH—February 4, 2014

CAS DataLoggers and T&D are pleased to announce that our new T&D MCR-4TC 4-Channel Graphing Thermocouple Loggers are now ready to ship. These new loggers offer easy connection with T&D’s MCR-4V 4-Channel Voltage Logger. This allows for synchronous measurement of temperature and voltage on up to 16 synchronized channels! Give us a call at (800) 956-4437 and learn more about these advanced products! Read more about these exciting new products on our News page!

Nitriding Process Temperature Trending Using a Data Logger

Industrial Automation in a Single System

Industrial Automation in a Single System

This November CAS DataLoggers supplied the industrial automation solution to Northeast Coating Technologies in Kennebunk, Maine. Engineer Conrad Woodman is using our dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger to continually monitor NCT’s production Melonite® line, specifically the salt bath area. The dataTaker is recording tank temperature from multiple thermocouples and using these readings to trend the run data to prove best practices to customers. Read more about this automated setup on our Equipment Monitoring Apps Notes page.

CAS DataLoggers Introduces New Dual-Channel Thermocouple Logger



2-Channel Thermocouple Data Logger

2-Channel Thermocouple Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers and Lascar are pleased to introduce our newest datalogger, the Dual Channel Thermocouple Datalogger with Graphic Screen. Supplied with 2 K-type thermocouple probes, the new logger boasts onboard storage of over a quarter of a million temperature readings per channel, MIN/MAX readings and a trend graph of previous logs. Ideal for monitoring medical storage units, cold chain supply/logistics, HVAC building  monitoring, and more, our new datalogger is available at a low cost.

Using a Data Logger to Brew Your Own Beer

Craft Better Beer Whether You’re a Hobbyist or Microbrewery
CHESTERLAND OH—March 21, 2013

temp_loggerHome brewing kits and classes have exploded in popularity in recent years along with microbrewing. If you’re interested in brewing, you can turn to a technological solution, using an inexpensive thermocouple data logger to accurately monitor the temperature in a glass or plastic carboy. CAS DataLoggers has several affordable devices which connect to a thermocouple so you can do a quick temperature check any time to see how your beer is coming along. Read more on our General Technical Articles page.

Increasing Safety and Pumping Efficiency in a Crude Oil Refinery

dataTaker Automates Data Collection and Transfer
CHESTERLAND OH—March 5, 2013

thermocouple_loggerCAS DataLoggers recently provided the automated data logging solution for a crude oil refinery which wanted standalone systems for thermocouple measurement in a number of their observation wells. Management stressed that alarming features were important–sudden temperature spikes during crude extraction could cause a rupture, while sudden drops lowered pumping efficiency. Read more on our Oil & Gas Applications Notes page.

Maximizing Molding Production Efficiency for Improved Quality Control

Oven Temperature Data Logger Keeps Logging in Extreme Heat
CHESTERLAND OH—January 16, 2013

Grant OMK610 Oven Temperature Datalogger

Grant OMK610 Oven Temperature Datalogger

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the heat treatment solution for a supplier of raw materials used in the plastics rotary molding industry. This company offers a comprehensive technical support service to their customer base, and part of this service includes technical advice and assistance to maximize their customers’ production efficiency. Here the supplier required a multi-channel oven temperature data logger with adequate thermal barrier protection for years of operation. Read more on our Quality Assurance Applications Notes page.

New Smart Thermometer Features Built-In Alarming and Graphing

New EL-EnviroPad-TC

New EL-EnviroPad-TC

CAS DataLoggers and Lascar have partnered to introduce the new EL-ENVIROPAD-TC. A ‘smart’ thermometer for spot temperature readings with built-in data logging and onscreen graphing functionality, this easy-to-use handheld device takes and records temperature readings using the supplied K-type probe. Ideal for food processing spot checking and many other cold chain applications, these new thermocouple loggers are a great low-cost replacement for outdated thermometers. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Develops New Low-Cost Temperature Data Logger

8-Channel Thermocouple Data LoggerCAS DataLoggers has now developed the Accsense VersaLog TC Temperature Data Logger, a powerful low-cost device for real time temperature monitoring and alarming. These stand alone data loggers feature 8 channels for flexible recording in life science, laboratory, medical monitoring applications, and more. With high speed, precision accuracy, and configuration and plotting software, these thermocouple loggers offer a great value for a lower price than other devices on the market. Read more on our Product Announcements page.