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CAS Announces Improved Temperature Monitoring & Alarming Pod

Medical storage applications depend heavily on monitoring the temperature of the goods in cold storage to protect not only the items themselves, but often human lives as well. CAS DataLoggers is partnered with bestselling manufacturer Accsense to introduce the A2-05 Ethernet Wired Temperature Measurement Pod designed for measuring temperatures in medical refrigerators, freezers, incubators, and in cryogenic storage. Read more…

CAS Introduces New Handheld EL-DataPad

Portable Viewer Manages EL-USB Range of Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers is partnered with Lascar Electronics to introduce the new EL-DataPad Handheld Data Collector and Programmer, allowing users of Lascar’s popular range of EasyLog (EL) USB data loggers to configure all their units, download data, and immediately view logging results. Continue reading …

Welcome to Temperature Recorders and Temp Data Loggers

Temperature Records for CAS DataloggersTemperature-Recorders.com is a micro-site dedicated to all forms of temperature data loggers and recorders. This site is owned by Computer Aided Solutions.  If you are looking for a temperature data logger or temperature recorder, please visit our main site at CAS Dataloggers or call us at 1-800-956-4437. We have a great selection of temperature recording equipment including low cost single channel data loggers, wireless temperature monitoring systems, paperless chart recorders or data loggers with up to 1000 channels. We have data logging equipment for thermocouples, RTD’s, or thermistors as well as self contained units.