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Stop Hunting for Paper Records—Go Paperless with Brainchild!

Convenient Data Viewing, Storage and Transmission

For remote temperature monitoring in industrial processes, laboratory experiments and hospitals, CAS DataLoggers and Brainchild offer the next-generation Brainchild PR-10 Paperless Chart Recorder. This low-cost paperless chart recorder features a built-in high-resolution 4.3″ touchscreen display, 6 channels, plug & play I/O cards, and internal Flash memory storage.

A Research Lab Goes Paperless

CAS DataLoggers has provided the paperless chart recording device for a medical research laboratory undertaking a set of experiments requiring real-time temperature monitoring and alarming. For years staff relied on outdated paper chart recorders but now they wanted to make the switch to digital and avoid wasting time hunting for hardcopy. However, several of the systems they considered earlier were outside their budget.

Paperless Chart Recorder for University Educators and Researchers

Brainchild 18-Channel Recorder with Built-In LCD Display CHESTERLAND OH—May 30, 2012 Educators and students working in laboratories and classrooms in universities across the country often make do with using older paper chart recorder technology to record their live data onto…
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CAS DataLoggers Introduces Labor-Saving Paperless Chart Recorder

6-channel Solution for Real Time Process Monitoring CHESTERLAND OH—March 26, 2012 Many companies continue to rely on outdated paper chart recorders for monitoring temperature and other values in their machines and equipment, but finding all this information on hard copy…
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CAS Introduces New Paperless Chart Recorder

Brainchild VR-06 Paperless Recorder Featuring 6 Analog Input Channels CHESTERLAND OH—November 22, 2011 For years, many companies have continued to use outdated technology such as paper chart recorders for measuring and recording temperatures and other data, which made locating this…
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Heat Control Using a Brainchild Chart Recorder and an Analog Output Card

A High-Tech Alternative to Paper Chart Recorders CHESTERLAND OH—October 13, 2011 CAS DataLoggers recently provided the postsale technical solution for a seafood distributor who ordered a Brainchild VR-06 Paperless Chart Recorder to both record and control the temperature in a…
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