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Maximizing Molding Production Efficiency for Improved Quality Control

Oven Temperature Data Logger Keeps Logging in Extreme Heat
CHESTERLAND OH—January 16, 2013

Grant OMK610 Oven Temperature Datalogger

Grant OMK610 Oven Temperature Datalogger

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the heat treatment solution for a supplier of raw materials used in the plastics rotary molding industry. This company offers a comprehensive technical support service to their customer base, and part of this service includes technical advice and assistance to maximize their customers’ production efficiency. Here the supplier required a multi-channel oven temperature data logger with adequate thermal barrier protection for years of operation. Read more on our Quality Assurance Applications Notes page.

Oven Temperature Profiling of Metal Alloys At 800°F

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the heat treatment monitoring solution for a manufacturer who needed to monitor their through process. The customer’s large production runs were cured in batches for hours in 3 large ovens run continuously. This data logger would need to connect to Type K thermocouples, and given the ovens’ 800°F (426°C) temperatures, the customer also needed an especially resilient thermal barrier, all without going over budget. Read more on our Quality Assurance Applications Notes page.

How To Choose the Ideal Oven Temperature Data Logger

Read on Before You Decide on a Temperature Datalogger!

CHESTERLAND OH—January 19, 2012

Solutions providers regularly speak with customers to address the key question: “Which of your products is best for my oven temperature application?” Whether you are an engineer planning for your next furnace temperature profiling project or a paint shop filling a requisition intended for paint testing as part of quality assurance, the number of available options when choosing your oven datalogger can initially overwhelm you. Read the entire guide on our how-to section.

CAS Introduces Complete Oven Temperature Profiling Kit

Grant OMK-610 Temperature Data Logger for Surface Coating Applications

CHESTERLAND OH—November 21, 2011

CAS DataLoggers and Grant Instruments have collaborated to announce the latest version of the bestselling Grant OMK-610 Temperature Data Logger, a compact, battery-operated, 6-channel temperature data logger for use with a wide range of Type-K thermocouple probes and designed specifically for through process and surface coating applications. The kit boasts many new features to assist in production quality control and to reduce operating costs, coming complete with an enhanced stainless steel thermal barrier providing maximum insulation from paint and finishing ovens, safeguarding it against temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) for as long as 50 minutes. A unique phase change insert can be added to the barrier to absorb heat and extend operation at 250°C (482°F) to a full 100 minutes. This latest kit provides everything customers need for paint oven temperature profiling and paint cure calculations in one easy to use and convenient system. The kit sees wide use in many paint applications including automotive parts manufacturing, vehicle component finishing, household appliance manufacturing, office furniture finishing, architectural finishing, oven manufacturing and paint suppliers.

The Grant datalogger offers up to 6 temperature channels, storing up to 250,000 readings. Reports are directly printed out from the logger with no PC required in their production, providing standard reports on all functions of the curing process to provide customers with proof of compliance of all their stoving requirements. This comprehensive oven temperature profiling system ensures consistent product quality and reduced operating costs, with the ability for sample rates of up to 8 samples/second and a USB interface to communicate with a PC for setup and download of stored data. The data logger arrives packaged in a complete kit including a carrying case, a quick-start guide, a set of batteries, and also includes an option for fast-response and high-accuracy probes in clip-on, magnetic and combination types with models for both surface and air temperature measurements.

The data logger also provides powder coating finishers with the data needed to reach the optimal cure level more effectively during the start-up process. After the process has been programmed and entered into the temperature monitor, the logger supports ongoing data recording to maintain process consistency and integrity when duplicating projects.

Additionally, the data recorder kit includes the most recent version of PaintView setup and data analysis software, a FREE user-friendly spreadsheet-style software package exclusively for the paint and finishing industry, included with every OQ610 temperature logger. PaintView enables storage of preprogrammed cure data and display of calculated cure percentages at no additional costs for the user. PaintView also allows easy setup and automatic data download from the logger into a meaningful measure of paint cure, offering users the choice between the Grant ‘classic’ cure or area integration cure analysis methods. For advanced paint cure calculations, the software can also provide rapid interpretation of results. PaintView also gives users the additional benefits of graphically analyzing historical and on-line data with fully annotated curves, zoom and cursor scrolling analysis, along with advanced reporting. The software’s tolerance curve feature gives users the ability to draw their ideal curve and check that their data fits. Users can easily view and control the logger status from one single screen and save all settings for reuse, while a security function protects all data and setup configurations. A database can be built of different paint types from various paint manufacturers. Data can be exported into Excel™ or as a CSV file for customizable data analysis.

This widely popular temperature profiling kit beats the competition’s price while also surpassing comparable products in ease of use. Now users can meets paint manufacturers’ specified cure parameters, maintain a specified level of cure to ensure repeatable quality and maximize oven usage and throughput…all at a great price.

Check out the Grant OMK-610 Oven Temperature Profile Data Logger product page here.

For further information on the Grant OMK-610 Oven Temperature Profile Data Logger, other dataloggers in the highly successful Grant line, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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