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Comparison of Thermal Buffer Effectiveness

Submitted March 18, 2014

In our latest white paper, we collected experimental data to examine the behavior of RTD probes in various thermal buffers in refrigerator and freezer medical monitoring applications. Going over the data in detail for each different type of temperature buffer, we came to several conclusions based on their performance. Read more in our new White Paper!

Affordable USB Temperature Monitoring and Alarming

Vaccine Monitoring Data Loggers

Vaccine Monitoring Data Loggers

In late September of this year CAS DataLoggers supplied the Maryland Department of Health with over a dozen Lascar Thermocouple Temperature Data Loggers to monitor and alarm medical fridges storing children’s vaccines. For well under a hundred dollars, this USB data logger provides an affordable and easy to use solution. We can offer the same to your facility—give us a call at (800) 956-4437. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

The Top 7 Reasons to Use Accsense in Your Hospital

Experiencing widespread vaccine losses caused by alarm and freezer failures, hospitals across the country are increasingly turning to automated temperature monitoring to safeguard their high-value inventories and satisfy increasing regulatory pressures. Now CAS DataLoggers offers your hospital extended functionality and reliability with Accsense remote temperature monitoring and alarming systems. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Partners with New Brunswick Scientific

New Freezer Temperature Pod for Lab Monitoring
CHESTERLAND OH—June 27, 2012

New Brunswick ScientificCAS DataLoggers is proud to announce it has recently contracted with New Brunswick Scientific to supply the new TCA-3 LAN-wired Pod which provides their popular laboratory freezer models with the most cost-effective automated temperature monitoring available. Laboratory requirements for monitoring systems are especially demanding in view of their sensitive supplies, so these pods are highly accurate, securely encrypted in line with HIPAA and other privacy laws, and especially user-friendly. Read more on our Press Releases page.

Freezer Monitoring Disaster Deals Huge Setback to Autism Research

CAS DataLoggers Has the Safe Solution with Automated Temperature Monitoring
CHESTERLAND OH—June 19, 2012

Accsense A2-05 Ethernet Temperature Data Logger

Accsense A2-05 Ethernet Temperature Data Logger

In a recent article, the Boston Globe reports on a medical monitoring catastrophe: “A freezer malfunction at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital has severely damaged one-third of the world’s largest collection of autism brain samples, potentially setting back research on the disorder by years, scientists say. One freezer contained about 150 brain samples from people who had died with a neurological or psychiatric condition.” The full article can be found online at http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2012/06/11/freezer_failure_at_brain_bank_hampers_autism_research/?page=1. Experiencing surprisingly common alarm and freezer failures, academic labs and biorepositories across the country are increasingly turning to automated temperature monitoring to safeguard their high-value life science samples, and CAS DataLoggers has the ideal solution with the Accsense A2-05 Ethernet Temperature Data Logger. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

Widespread Vaccine Storage Negligence Comes to National Attention

As Recently Reported on Good Morning America

Accsense A2-05 Temperature Monitor

Accsense A2-05 Temperature Monitor

A recent segment on Good Morning America featured at http://gma.yahoo.com/doctors-improperly-storing-vaccines-192330733–abc-news-topstories.html presents startling proof of widespread negligence in vaccine storage: “An investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General (HHS OIG) found that many providers of immunizations meant for low-income children don’t store the vaccines at proper temperatures, potentially rendering them ineffective and placing children at risk for contracting serious diseases.” Read more on our Press Releases page.

7 Reasons to Install Accsense for Medical Temperature Monitoring

Accsense Wireless and Wired Automated Monitoring Systems

Accsense A2-05 Temperature Monitor on a Medical Freezer

Accsense A2-05 Temperature Monitor on a Medical Freezer

Pharmacies, hospitals and biorepositories store high-value but extremely temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and medicine, prompting the need for automated systems to accurately record and/or archive both temperature and humidity. However, the sheer variety of available solutions can make the selection process a lengthy one. To help them choose an ideal device, the applications specialists at CAS DataLoggers present 7 compelling reasons for customers monitoring their medical refrigerators, freezers, and liquid nitrogen tanks to use Accsense wired and wireless monitoring systems. Read more on our Datalogging Tutorials page.

Temperature Monitoring and Alarm System for Biorepositories

Accsense System Enables Compliance with Title 21-CFR part 11

CHESTERLAND OH—March 19, 2012

Medical storage repositories and biobanks constantly work to comply with increasingly demanding FDA regulations, especially Title 21-CFR part 11, in the storage of their temperature-sensitive life science products. Unfortunately, medical freezers often fluctuate in the mandated -40°C to -200°C range due to uneven cooling and prolonged door opening among other causes. CAS DataLoggers now offers biorepositories an ideal solution with the Accsense A2-05 Wired Ethernet Temperature Data Logger, an automated temperature monitoring and alarming system specifically designed to protect customers’ valuable life science materials. Read the entire article on our product announcement page.

CAS DataLoggers Chosen by Alaska Clinics to Monitor Vaccines

Providing Accsense Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Alarm Systems
CHESTERLAND OH—January 23, 2012

Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services recently chose CAS DataLoggers and its advanced Accsense systems to provide the temperature monitoring solution for the extensive Alaska Immunization Program which had distributed vaccines to Alaskans for over three decades, all at no cost to providers. The program’s 26 remote public health centers handled both storage and dispensation of critical medicines and vaccines as part of an ongoing universal vaccine distribution program for childhood and adolescent vaccine-preventable disease control and prevention. Read the entire article here.