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Graphing a Greenhouse Microclimate Using Wireless Dataloggers

T&D Automates Data Collection to Improve Product Quality
CHESTERLAND OH—February 3, 2014

CAS DataLoggers has just provided the wireless temperature monitoring solution for a Northeast Ohio greenhouse growing lettuce, basil and other high-demand produce. Wanting to automate his setup, the owner called CAS DataLoggers looking for a wireless temperature monitoring device that could spot these cooler zones and automatically download their real time data to email inboxes. Read more on our Food & Agriculture Applications Notes page.

Using Data Loggers to Find Cooler Zones in a Greenhouse

Simple Monitoring Setup Aids in Climate Control
CHESTERLAND OH—April 9, 2013

Data Loggers Establish a Temperature and Humidity Profile

Data Loggers Establish a Temperature and Humidity Profile

CAS Data Loggers
recently provided the environmental data logging solution for a small greenhouse currently cultivating several species of herbs for sale. From his own experience, the owner preferred to maintain the crop around 70°F (21°C) and an 80% relative humidity. Rather than having to keep checking thermometers placed around the walls, the owner wanted to use data loggers to record and save enough readings to get a realistic temperature and humidity profile to find these colder and drier zones. Read more on our Environmental Applications Notes page.