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Portable Solution Monitors Engine Temperatures

Engineers and technicians need a portable way to monitor heavy equipment during operation, typically engine temperatures. Now CAS DataLoggers together with Grant Instruments has the portable solution! The portable Squirrel SQ2020 series data loggers feature a fully-configurable large graphical LCD display.  Read more in our latest Product Announcement.


Oven Temperature Logger Can Improve Performance Qualification and Save Energy Costs

Grant Oven Data Logger
Do you need to monitor oven temperature for a conveyor oven, for a furnace kiln, or for a similar application? CAS DataLoggers offers the portable Grant OQ610 Portable Temperature Data Logger. After collecting data, users can create temperature profiles leading to improved PQ. Read more in our latest Product Announcement.


Optimize Your Batch Oven Process with Temperature Profiling

Using the Grant Oven Temperature Profiling Kit, you can increase profitability by creating a complete temperature profile for batch ovens. At CAS DataLoggers we provide a complete turn-key package. To optimize your process, call CAS DataLoggers today at (800) 956-4437 or read more in our latest Press Release.


Portable Environmental Temperature Data Logger

Environmental Data Logger

Environmental Data Logger

Users who need to monitor environmental temperature conditions need a portable data logger, but as always, accuracy and affordability are important considerations for any business or organization. For these applications CAS DataLoggers and Grant offer the Squirrel Universal Portable Data Logger, a popular standalone logger featuring universal inputs for connection to a wide variety of sensors. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

Protect Your Critical Inventory with Stand-Alone Monitoring

Companies in the food and agriculture industry need a of protecting their perishable inventories by monitoring and alarming product temperatures and humidity. Now CAS DataLoggers has partnered with Grant to offer the portable, durable solution with the high-performance, portable SQ2020 Squirrel Data Logger. Stand-alone operation away from the office in a product pallet or storage room is simple and convenient, allowing businesses to help prevent their products from spoilage and damage. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

Grant Instruments Celebrates its 60th Birthday

Grant Instruments, the world-renowned supplier of scientific, life sciences and data acquisition systems, is proud to celebrate its 60th birthday this year. Grant produces the portable Squirrel dataloggers which are world-renowned for their ruggedness and reliability. Grant data loggers have established a worldwide reputation with monitoring systems designed to satisfy the most demanding applications for research in life sciences, chemical, and the general laboratory. As Grant’s North American master distributor, CAS DataLoggers offers these low-cost products as a portable, user-friendly temperature solution. Read more on our General News page.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Protects Building Insulation

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the temperature and humidity monitoring solution for a large manufacturer of insulation materials. The company’s insulation material was absorbing a significant amount of moisture in storage and transit, so they wanted to conduct a ‘microclimate’ study of the best ways to pack their product and needed a portable temperature and humidity monitoring solution durable enough to withstand exposure to the weather. Read more on our Construction Applications Notes page.

Process Temperature Monitoring for a Pharmaceutical Company

Recently CAS DataLoggers provided the temperature datalogging solution for a pharmaceutical company needing to monitor process temperature.
A portable device was required which could record temperature data at high accuracy while connecting with several temperature sensor types. Regulatory demands also required archiving capabilities, so multifunction software was also a must. Read more on our Quality Assurance Applications Notes page.

Temperature Profiling for Molten Product Pourings

Grant Squirrel SQ2010 Portable Data Logger
CHESTERLAND OH—April 10, 2012

molten productCAS DataLoggers recently provided the portable datalogging solution to a major manufacturer who specialized in a molten product that needed to cool gradually in an extremely temperature-sensitive process. The plant’s existing temperature profiling methods were occasionally inaccurate and often led to defective product that was either too brittle or noticeably discolored. Without monitoring the process at sufficient accuracy, it was difficult for supervisors to tell if the temperature was right at any given time. A new emphasis on quality control led the plant to search for a portable datalogging solution which could monitor temperature at a high accuracy for detailed temperature profiling. Read the entire article on our applications note page.

Performance Monitoring in Refrigeration Diesel Engines

Grant Squirrel SQ2040-2F16 Handheld Data Logger
CHESTERLAND OH—February 28, 2012

CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the portable datalogging solution for a leading manufacturer of transportable temperature control systems for use across many different mobile applications, such as in trailers, trucks, buses, shipboard containers and railway cars to provide real life feedback on performance monitoring in refrigeration diesel engines. The manufacturer was conducting ongoing research in alternative diesel fuel mixtures to increase the utilization of clean-burning fuels in their refrigeration diesel units, and needed to provide test results which were applicable to the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) new legislation regulating particulate matter (PM) emissions from the vehicle’s exhaust. Read the entire article on our applications note page.