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Reliable Satellite Communication in the Desert

‘Hot Soak’ Test Verifies Automotive Material Quality

CHESTERLAND OH—July 28, 2015

Recently a vehicle manufacturer used a unique data logging solution to help perform a series of rigorous tests on its prototype vehicles. This required a rugged datalogger that could be powered by a solar system and to which a satellite data modem could be attached to automatically transmit the data. http://www.dataloggerinc.com/content/applications/automotive/916/reliable_satellite_communication_in_the_desert/.

Performance Verification for a Nursing Home’s Hot Water System

Intelligent Solution from dataTaker Documents Efficiency and Savings
CHESTERLAND OH—April 16, 2013

Series 3 dataTaker DT80

Series 3 dataTaker DT80

CAS DataLoggers
has provided the performance verification solution for an HVAC provider monitoring the efficiency of its solar collector water heating system installed in a nursing home. A 1,000-gallon heating tank heats up the water to 150°F to provide residents with enough hot water all day. This system saves the home considerable energy costs, and the HVAC company wanted a data logging system to show verification of savings to future customers. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.

Eliminating Manual Errors with Automated Data Logging

Cut Down on Errors and Costs with Our dataTaker Systems
CHESTERLAND OH—March 26, 2013

Automate Your Temperature Process Today!

Automate Your Temperature Process Today!

CAS DataLoggers has converted a manufacturer’s manual process monitoring over to automation. This customer’s factory has multiple stationary heat treating ovens. The manufacturer needed to reduce data entry errors and cut wasted time while increasing measurement accuracy and quality in order to provide the most precise reporting to end customers. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.