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New Multi Channel Temperature Recorder from T&D

Graph Data and Simultaneously Record on up to 16 Channels!
CHESTERLAND OH—January 29, 2014

CAS DataLoggers and T&D are announcing another exciting new temperature monitoring product–the MCR-4TC Graphing Thermocouple Logger. This 4-channel battery operated temperature data logger can couple with up to 3 additional units to allow for up to 16 synchronized channels. Applications include monitoring boiler temperatures, temperature management of refrigerated/frozen goods, and more. For more details check out our Product Announcement page.

Q&A: 10 Factors to Consider When Buying a Temperature Data Logger

Data Loggers for Your Temp Monitoring Application

Data Loggers for Your Temp Monitoring Application

At CAS DataLoggers we talk every day with callers looking for the right datalogger for their temperature monitoring application. Often people are new to datalogging and aren’t sure which manufacturer or feature to go with. If you’re researching based on functionality, price, or specifications, check out these 10 factors to help you find the right datalogger for your application: Read more on our Product Announcements page.

Data Loggers Automate HVAC Product Testing

Automatic Remote Data Transmission from CAS DataLoggers

Automatic Remote Data Transmission

CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the dataTaker remote monitoring solution at the end of May last year for a product development department in a Californian startup energy company. The business produces refrigerant products for use in several HVAC applications to increase energy efficiency in coolants, air conditioning systems and more. Project Manager Kendall Blair required a device with a built-in display that could automatically send all collected data directly to a remote PC. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.

New LED Data Loggers for Cold Chain Applications

Affordable Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

Affordable Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce the release of new upgraded versions of its LED cold chain dataloggers. These recorders give drivers a quick way to do a temperature check. Now drivers can carry proof of your best practices to give to receivers on delivery–a big benefit at a low cost. Read more on our new Product Announcements page.

Go Paperless and View Your Plant’s Process at a Glance

Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorders

Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorders

Manufacturing plants depend on obsolete paper chart recorders to track their machine and equipment temperatures, but printing all this data on hardcopy takes too much time. Now you can just call CAS DataLoggers and check out our bestselling Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorders as an economical replacement. These dataloggers feature an LCD display to bring your data to life and streamline process data and archiving. Monitor, record and evaluate your process with just a glance! Read more on our New Product Announcements page.

Portable Environmental Temperature Data Logger

Environmental Data Logger

Environmental Data Logger

Users who need to monitor environmental temperature conditions need a portable data logger, but as always, accuracy and affordability are important considerations for any business or organization. For these applications CAS DataLoggers and Grant offer the Squirrel Universal Portable Data Logger, a popular standalone logger featuring universal inputs for connection to a wide variety of sensors. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Helps a Las Vegas Kitchen Go Wireless

Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Alarming Dataloggers

Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Alarming Dataloggers

In April, CAS DataLoggers provided the temperature alarming system for Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc., the leading wine and spirits wholesaler in the U.S.A. Southern supplies hotels, restaurants and more–they even keep the party going in Las Vegas. Last year, their Vegas facility’s kitchen had a few fridge and freezer failures, which is always a risk with any storage units. After this, staff called CAS DataLoggers requesting a wireless datalogging system which could also send automatic alert messages to a mobile phone. Read more on our Food & Agriculture Applications Notes page.

A Research Lab Goes Paperless

digital_chart_recorderCAS DataLoggers has provided the paperless chart recording device for a medical research laboratory undertaking a set of experiments requiring real-time temperature monitoring and alarming. For years staff relied on outdated paper chart recorders but now they wanted to make the switch to digital and avoid wasting time hunting for hardcopy. However, several of the systems they considered earlier were outside their budget. Read more on our Research Applications Notes page.

3 Dataloggers Which Send Alarms to Your Mobile Device

Keep Your Data Close with CAS Data Loggers
CHESTERLAND OH—April 8, 2013

Stay connected to your critical data with CAS DataLoggers!

Stay connected to your critical data with CAS DataLoggeres!

With new technologies emerging every year, industry and healthcare technicians increasingly expect monitoring and alarm systems to work with their mobile phones so they can quickly respond to any changes in product or process temperature. CAS Data Loggers has many products supporting this remote alarming capability, including dataTaker, Novus, and T&D. Check out 3 dataloggers which let you track your temperatures anytime on our Product Announcements page.

Delivering Proof of Quality Frozen Product to Food Receivers

CAS DataLoggers Technology Stores Your Temperatures on the Cloud
CHESTERLAND OH—March 18, 2013

ECCS--Affordable temperature monitoring and alarm

ECCS–Affordable temperature monitoring and alarm

CAS DataLoggers
recently provided the temperature monitoring and alarming solution for a customer who produced whole frozen turkeys for sale in supermarkets. With regulations increasing along with receivers’ demands for documentation, management had a need for a reliable yet low-priced data logger featuring cloud-based reporting capabilities to provide a quick way to generate detailed reports for receivers. Read more on our Food & Agriculture Apps Notes page.