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Performance Validation of Test Cars

Grant Squirrel SQ2040 Portable Universal Input Data Logger

CHESTERLAND OH—October 18th, 2011

CAS DataLoggers recently provided a major automobile manufacturer with the data logging solution for its rigorous performance validation testing. As part of the testing of any new vehicle, sample units were typically subject to a variety of endurance and durability tests to identify any potential weak points or failure modes and chart their performance. To gather the most detailed record of a car’s data throughout these speed validation tests and ensure the safety and robustness of the entire product line, engineers needed highly accurate, reliable data logging equipment. These devices would have to be capable of measuring the many parameters used to gauge the cars’ performance as well as be portable and compact for quick placement and retrieval from hundreds of test cars.

Plant management installed 20 Grant Squirrel SQ2040 Portable Universal Input Data Loggers in an equal number of their test cars. Subsequently, test engineers put their development cars through testing on the track at high speeds as part of their endurance testing program, equipped with temperature and pressure sensors feeding data into the SQ2040 dataloggers. The loggers were set to record the data at preset regular intervals throughout the tests, including road conditions, engine temperature and pressure data, all recorded into each Squirrel’s memory. This data gave engineers vital information on performance concerning a whole host of vehicle components.

The Grant SQ2040 dataloggers each featured up to 32 universal analog inputs for voltage, current or resistance and up to 8 inputs for digital pulse and event, supporting a wide range of analog inputs including thermistors, thermocouples, RTD temperature sensors, voltage, current, and resistance. Twin processors and multiple 24-bit ADC converters enabled precision measurements with a high basic accuracy of 0.05%, while 4 alarm outputs provided early warning capabilities whenever key parameters went out of specification.

Compact and lightweight, the high-performance Squirrel dataloggers were easy to transport to and from the test cars and intuitively convenient to use. Functioning as portable, standalone data loggers or as PC-linked data acquisition systems, the Squirrels could be battery-operated or mains powered, and were quickly configured via integral interface or by PC. Each logger offered 16 MB of internal memory for approximately 14 million readings, as well as removable Multi Media (MMC) or SD card memory. Fully equipped with the same advanced features as the Squirrel 2020 series but adding additional high speed data logging on up to four channels and twice as many universal input channels, the SQ2040 loggers had the versatility to handle the demanding multi-channel testing of the plant’s vehicles at top speeds.

The data loggers’ communications features included built-in Ethernet networking along with USB and RS232 connectivity. When a validation test was over, engineers easily and quickly downloaded the Windows-based data from each Squirrel in graphic form onto a PC for analysis. This data was then applied to existing production methodologies and resulted in safer automobiles.

The automobile manufacturer benefited in several key ways following installation of the Grant Squirrel SQ2040 dataloggers in their quality assurance program. Most importantly, the loggers could measure the wide variety of parameters needed in the tests. These data loggers featured many universal channels recording at high accuracy and offered several communications options, all at a low price. The portable Squirrels were also ideal for quick installation in the test cars and were quickly configurable which gave the project a head start.

A quality performance engineer commented: “We chose the Squirrels because they’re about the size of a small notebook but extremely sophisticated and very easy to use. Downloading the information from the loggers to our PCs enables us to analyze the data quickly and clearly. We’ve already tested hundreds of cars and the Squirrels have proven to be invaluable tools for improving the reliability of our vehicles. With these devices, you don’t need to be a computer scientist to collect, download and analyze your data.”

Check out the SQ2040 product page here.
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For further information on the Grant Squirrel 2040 data logger, the entire Squirrel family of data loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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Knowing the Strength of Curing Concrete

Using the Bestselling dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Datalogger

CHESTERLAND OH—October 17th, 2011

CAS DataLoggers recently provided a local construction company with the datalogging solution for one of their larger contracts. The customer needed to measure and predict the curing progress of freshly-poured concrete to determine when the new structure could be loaded without causing damage to the foundations. A newly-poured concrete structure could not reach full strength for a considerable period of time, but it was critical to determine as closely as possible what that duration was to speed construction along and finish the project on schedule. This complex procedure required a data logging solution capable of not only temperature measurement but also able to sense the localized effects of air temperature and of reinforcing which acted as a heat sink–information which could not be determined by traditional sampling procedures. This device would also have to be protected from the harsh late autumn weather and feature a wide range of communications capabilities to send the data over the Internet as well as locally.

The customer installed a dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Universal Input Data Logger adjacent to the freshly-poured structure. The datalogger was then placed in a portable rugged weatherproof enclosure for safe use onsite. Subsequently the dataTaker device was used to measure the exothermic heat generated by the concrete as it was curing via thermocouple wires connected to the logger and cast into the concrete to sense temperature. The company’s custom software was specifically tailored to suit all data loggers in the dataTaker range and used this temperature data to calculate and display the progressive development of the concrete’s strength and predicted the 28-day strength after a full day of curing.

The dataTaker DT80 robust, low power data logger featured 18 bit resolution and a ±30 V input measurement range with a Dual Channel concept allowing up to 10 isolated or 15 common referenced analog inputs to be used in many combinations. Equipped with 5 to 15 universal analog sensor inputs and 12 digital channels, the stand-alone logger performed data acquisition in real-time, featuring a built-in display and removable screw terminals for secure connections. High-speed counter inputs, phase encoder inputs and a programmable serial sensor channel allowed the DT80 to easily connect to most sensors and data measurement sources so that temperature, voltage, current, 4-20mA loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges, frequency, digital, serial and calculated measurements could all be scaled, logged and returned in engineering units or within statistical reporting. Engineers could also group sampling, logging, alarm and control tasks within schedules to suit their requirements.

Data management was simple, with the datalogger storing up to 10 million data points in user defined memory so that engineers could log as much or as little as needed with independent control of schedule size and mode, and also overwrite or stop logging once the allocated memory was full. Data transfer via the logger’s extensive communications array included Ethernet, RS-232 communication with PC, SDI-12 and Modbus sensor support, and a USB memory slot. With this versatile device, operators could archive data on alarm event, copy to USB memory or transfer via FTP.

In addition, dataTaker’s dEX user-friendly graphical interface was included free of charge with the datalogger. This intuitive, Windows Explorer-style software came pre-installed and enabled quick setup and configuration of the logger, suitable for both novice and advanced users. The software ran and was configured directly from a web browser, so it could be accessed either locally or remotely over the Internet. Operators could use any of the logger’s built-in communications ports to view dEX, including Ethernet, USB and RS-232.

The construction company benefited in several key ways after installing the dataTaker DT80 datalogger in their construction project. This device measured not only the exothermic heat recordings from the themocouple sensors but also the air temperature and the heat sink effects of reinforcing. Additionally, the provided weatherproof enclosure enabled the datalogger to keep logging in spite of inclement weather and also protected it from dust and other such onsite hazards. Operators found it easy to work with the included dEX software for hassle-free configuration of the logger, and the DT80’s many communications options offered data transfer locally via USB or online through FTP.

Check out the dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Datalogger product page here.

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For further information on the dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger, other data loggers in the dataTaker family, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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Waste Water Monitoring For An Airport Group

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data logging solution for a major airport group based in the UK whose fluid run-off threatened to endanger aquatic ecosystems located near the airports. The commercial airline needed an online device capable of monitoring toxic discharges into local rivers. The airline routinely sprayed de-icers and anti-icers onto their aircraft before taking off during icy conditions as mandated by Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. Between 100 and several thousand gallons of de-icing fluid was used per aircraft application. While a portion of the fluid stuck to the planes, approximately 75% to 80% of the treatment would flow into the surrounding environment as run-off. Learn more…

Continuous Temperature Monitoring In Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data logging solution for a hospital searching for a more cost-effective way to maintain the frigid temperatures for their valuable products in cold storage. The hospital’s costs of performing manual temperature measurements on their high-quality medical freezers and refrigerators were quickly adding up… to review the breakdown numbers continue reading…

CAS Announces Improved Temperature Monitoring & Alarming Pod

Medical storage applications depend heavily on monitoring the temperature of the goods in cold storage to protect not only the items themselves, but often human lives as well. CAS DataLoggers is partnered with bestselling manufacturer Accsense to introduce the A2-05 Ethernet Wired Temperature Measurement Pod designed for measuring temperatures in medical refrigerators, freezers, incubators, and in cryogenic storage. Read more…

Chocolate Processing at Kinnerton Confectionary

Kinnerton Confectionary in Fakenham, Norfolk (UK), with production lines producing millions of Easter eggs, chocolate lollipops, truffles, and chocolate cartoon characters for its own label and other household brands. Critical to all their chocolate products was the cooling process operating in the ‘cooling tunnel’, inside of which a delicate balance was maintained between the temperature, relative humidity (RH) and the airflow. To give their chocolate the right gloss and a maximum shelf life, CAS DataLogger had to determine the monitoring system that would ensure the cooling profile for each product was maintained. This often proved difficult when technicians had to account for the ambient outside temperature and relative humidity, both of which could change several times during the day from April to the end of September as the local weather fluctuated violently. An effective data logging solution was needed to address these vital concerns. Continue Reading…

Temperature and Sterilization Monitoring in a Rice Mill

CAS DataLoggers introduced a flexible data monitoring system to a rice miller and food processing company that had recently installed a new production line. This line produced various cooked rice products in reheatable and microwaveable polymer sachets. Consequently the data logging system was utilized to monitor the retort cooking and sterilization temperatures as well as the accumulated Fo value (expressing the heating time required for disinfection) during production of its various pouched rice products. The added capability to download the results was also necessary both for analysis and quality purposes. Internal calculation and real-time data collection were crucial customer needs. To learn more …

Universal Input Data Loggers

DT80 Datalogger

DT80 Data Logger

Universal input data loggers provide an excellent solution when you need to record temperature along with other parameters. We offer several models from different manufacturers that can measure voltage, current, thermocouples, RTD’s, strain gauges or many other sensor type. This flexibility provides several advantages:

  • You can move the logger from project to project without having to reconfigure the hardware
  • You can measure multiple types of inputs signals in a single logger for example temperature with a thermocouple, voltage from a pressure sensor and the pulse outputof a flow meter

While these loggers are more expensive than single purpose data loggers, they can greatly simplify more complex data logging projects or projects where the requirements may change over time.

For more information, click the following link for our Universal Input Data Logger Product Page.

Welcome to Temperature Recorders and Temp Data Loggers

Temperature Records for CAS DataloggersTemperature-Recorders.com is a micro-site dedicated to all forms of temperature data loggers and recorders. This site is owned by Computer Aided Solutions.  If you are looking for a temperature data logger or temperature recorder, please visit our main site at CAS Dataloggers or call us at 1-800-956-4437. We have a great selection of temperature recording equipment including low cost single channel data loggers, wireless temperature monitoring systems, paperless chart recorders or data loggers with up to 1000 channels. We have data logging equipment for thermocouples, RTD’s, or thermistors as well as self contained units.