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Monitoring Temperature for Quality Control in Pet Food Production

To ensure that pet food production meets demanding FDA requirements, manufacturers must continually monitor the temperature of their extruding equipment for quality control purposes. A CAS DataLoggers customer was provided with dataTaker DT80 intelligent data loggers to record the data from multiple plants all from their single, corporate location. Read more on our Food & Agriculture Applications Notes page.

Ghost Hunting with Wireless Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers Can Outfit Any Monitoring Project
CHESTERLAND OH—July 10, 2012

Ghost hunting with wireless data loggersCAS DataLoggers recently had a unique customer—a group of paranormal investigators going ghost hunting! This organization needed to conduct extensive temperature monitoring to pinpoint the sudden chills which guests reported in certain rooms on their list of possibly haunted sites, including historically significant areas such as bedrooms, basements and attics. Keeping their modest budget in mind, the team began searching for a wireless temperature monitoring solution that would allow personnel to view readings in real-time to respond whenever the temperature suddenly dropped in certain regions. Read more on our Environmental Applications Note page.

5 Tests to Calibrate Your DT80 Range Data Logger

For Series 3 dataTaker devices
CHESTERLAND OH—June 28, 2012

dataTaker DT80 2 Data Logger

dataTaker DT80 2 Data Logger

The new Series 3 DT80 range data loggers from dataTaker are intelligent monitoring solutions used the world over in almost every imaginable field and application. CAS DataLoggers Application Specialists have put together this how-to guide so users can check the calibration of their DT80 range data loggers. Just complete the 5-step procedure described below–if the logger fails any of these tests, then it should be returned to dataTaker or your local distributor for calibration. Read more on our dataTaker Technical Articles page.

Installing Medical Freezer Temperature and Alarm Monitoring

T&D’s High-Quality Data Loggers Protect Prescription Medicines
CHESTERLAND OH—April 26, 2012

T&D RTR-502 Data Logger

T&D RTR-502 Wireless Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the temperature monitoring and alarming solution for a nationwide security company with a pharmacy client who required additional alarming for their 3 medical refrigerators. These storage units contained extremely temperature-sensitive prescription medicine such as amoxicillin which required continual monitoring at a high level of accuracy, and manual recordings had proved to be inaccurate and time-consuming. The security company installed a T&D RTR-500NW Wireless Data Logger Network Base Station adjacent to the alarm panel and connected them. 3 T&D RTR-502 Wireless Temperature Data Loggers were then installed atop the storage units, with each logger’s external temperature sensor placed inside the fridges. Read more on our T&D technical article page.