CAS DataLoggers Offers Temperature Calibration Services

We Provide NIST-Traceable Calibration for Regulatory Compliance

CHESTERLAND OH—October 27, 2014

Temperature calibration is necessary for Sensors and Dataloggers in many industries and applications to ensure certified measurements in line with regulatory demands. At CAS DataLoggers we offer in-house temperature calibration service to customers in medical temperature monitoring, life science and laboratory applications. Read more about this value-added service at http://www.dataloggerinc.com/content/news/product_anouncements/786/cas_dataloggers_offers_temperature_calibration_services/.

Eltek Wireless Data Loggers Monitor Any Environment

Save Time with Automatic Data Recording, Transfer and Alarm Generation

CHESTERLAND OH—September 9, 2014

CAS DataLoggers is now offering businesses and organizations the next generation of environmental monitoring–Eltek Gen II Wireless Data Logging Systems. Eltek data loggers are ideal for a wide range of applications such as environmental data collection in museums, schools, wine cellars, and more. Read more about these sophisticated devices on our latest Product Announcement page.

New Accsense Product Videos Up on YouTube

Walkthroughs on Installation, Startup and Troubleshooting

CHESTERLAND OH—June 19, 2014

At CAS DataLoggers we’ve just put up new videos on our popular Accsense temperature monitoring products, the A2-05 Ethernet Temperature Data Logger and A1-02b Wireless Temperature Data Loggers. These new videos demonstrate how to wire sensors to Accsense dataloggers, troubleshooting and more, all on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/CASDataLoggers.

Is Your Clinic Prepared for a CDC Survey?

Temperature Monitoring for Clinics and Hospitals

Temperature Monitoring for Clinics and Hospitals

In its recent guidelines for vaccine storage and medical monitoring, the CDC has stated that data loggers are their preferred temperature monitoring method. Is your clinic prepared for an annual survey? At CAS DataLoggers we supply VFC providers and clinics/hospitals across the country with our state of the art Accsense Ethernet Temperature Data Logger. These temperature data loggers are an economical way for monitoring refrigerated and frozen vaccines in several medical storage units at once. Read more on our Press Releases page.

View Your Temperature & Humidity Data Anytime, Anywhere!

T&D Pushes the Data Directly to Your PC or Mobile Device!

T&D Pushes the Data Directly to Your PC or Mobile Device!

Tired of traveling to collect your data? Now CAS DataLoggers has partnered with quality manufacturer T&D to offer the new Network-Connected Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers for your remote monitoring applications. T&D data loggers automatically send all their data and alarms online to your PC or mobile device. Viewing, storing and archiving all your environmental data has never been this easy! Read more on our Product Announcement page.

Sous Vide Cooking Using a Temperature Data Logger


Temperature Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers has just supplied the temperature monitoring datalogger for a large caterer specializing in cooking sous vide food (French for ‘under vacuum’). This increasingly popular style uses thick vacuum-sealed pouches to slow-cook food at below boiling temperatures anywhere from half a day up to 3 days. The chef had heard about people using data loggers for sous vide and gave us a call to get a price quote on a model. Read more on our Food & Agriculture Applications Notes page.

Temperature Profiling a Coffee Roasting Cycle

Affordable Data Acquisition Module Enables Greater Flavor Consistency
CHESTERLAND OH—March 28, 2013

temperature_curveCAS DataLoggers recently supplied the temperature profiling solution to a coffee brewer who makes his own product from his home to sell at local shops and through his website’s store. First the beans are emptied into the roaster, and then raised to temperatures up to 204°C (400°F). The brewer wanted to give his roasting process repeatability for quality assurance. His business needed an affordable data acquisition product to get an accurate temperature profile of his process. Check out the particulars on our Data Acquisition Applications Notes page.

Accsense Gateway Troubleshooting Chart Resolves Issues

Quickly Resolve Most Post-Installation Problems
CHESTERLAND OH—March 7, 2013

Accsense real-time monitoring and alarming systems

Accsense real-time monitoring and alarming systems

wireless data loggers perform continual monitoring and alarming to measure values such as temperature, humidity and more. These systems store your data to a secure server and use sophisticated alarm functionality to send out emails, pages or phone calls whenever these values are exceeded. The Applications Specialists at CAS DataLoggers have put together this chart to help you quickly resolve any post-installations you may encounter. Read more on our Accsense Technical Articles page.