Accsense VersaLog Data Loggers

Accsense VersaLog for Thermocouple Measurement and Alarm

Standalone Dataloggers Replace Paper Chart Recorders

CHESTERLAND, OH—March 2, 2016

For continual temperature monitoring and alarming, the Accsense VersaLog TC Temperature Data Logger offers connection with all thermocouple types. We provide these solutions along with FREE on-call tech support—give us a call at (800) 956-4437 and save! Read more about these products on our Thermocouple Datalogger page.

Accsense VersaLog for Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring

Standalone Solutions to Monitor Pharma Products

CHESTERLAND OH—July 20, 2015

Accsense VersaLog dataloggers commonly feature 7-8 channels for accurate monitoring and alarming in medical refrigerators and freezers, incubators and more. They’re a great value for multi-channel temperature monitoring in pharmacies–read more on our new Pharma Monitoring page.

7 Quick Ways Businesses Cut Costs Using Data Loggers

Monitor and Record Your Products and Process

CHESTERLAND OH—June 16, 2015

Every day businesses are able to cut their operating costs and increase productivity by using temperature data loggers to alert workers when food & beverage products are at risk. In our latest page we show you seven quick ways businesses are using these devices to save money and time. Here’s how:

Accsense VersaLog TC for Thermocouple Measurement

8-Channel Temperature Data Loggers with Alarm Outputs

CHESTERLAND OH—January 19, 2015

We offer our Accsense VersaLog TC Temperature Data Logger for connection with all thermocouple types. Ideal for temperature monitoring and alarming in labs, medical storage units, incubators, and more, the TC is a versatile low-cost solution. Read more about these standalone products in our latest Press Release.

Monitoring and Alarming Multiple Incubators

Accsense VersaLog Uses 8 Channels for Multi-Point Monitoring

CHESTERLAND OH—April 24, 2014

Recently Accsense VersaLog provided the temperature monitoring solution for an in vitro fertilization clinic. Staff needed to log temperature on three stacked automatic injection CO2 incubators used for culturing patients’ embryos. Since simple monitoring and alarming were the main requirements, the clinic didn’t want to purchase an expensive system with more features than they needed. Read more on our Life Sciences Applications Notes page.

Data Loggers Monitor & Alarm a Medical R&D Lab

laboratory_dataloggerEarlier this year CAS DataLoggers provided the temperature monitoring and alarming setup for a medical laboratory requiring monitoring of product and sample temperature within multiple medical storage units. As opposed to an expensive chart recorder, technicians needed affordable multichannel temperature monitoring, portability, and the ability to connect with thermistors as well as thermocouples. Read more on our Life Sciences Applications Notes page.

Environmental Monitoring in a Manufacturing Plant

Accsense VersaLog for Multichannel M onitoring

Accsense VersaLog for Multichannel M onitoring

CAS DataLoggers recently delivered the datalogging solution for a production plant whose process machinery was mysteriously slowing down and causing production delays. This application required a portable datalogger with the versatility to measure temperature and humidity which was capable of standalone operation without a PC. Read more on our Environmental Monitoring Applications Notes page.

7 Reasons to Replace Your Paper Chart Recorder with a Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers Helps You Go Paperless with Electronic Documentation
CHESTERLAND OH—March 26, 2013

Data Loggers for Every Industry

Data Loggers for Every Industry

As paper chart recorders rapidly become obsolete, many laboratories and healthcare institutions are using data loggers to record and store their data. When you go paperless, all the data is accessible at any time from your office PC, which is especially helpful during an audit! Now CAS DataLoggers has 7 reasons for you to use a temperature data logger to go paperless. Read more on our new Product Announcements page.

Proving Best Practices in Fruit and Vegetable Transport

Accsense VersaLog for Humidity and Temperature Monitoring
CHESTERLAND OH—February 5, 2013

Portable Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Portable Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Recently CAS DataLoggers provided its Accsense VersaLog Temperature Monitoring and Alarming System to a shipper exporting its temperature-sensitive fruit and vegetables to remote markets. Therefore, it was essential to alarm these refrigerated shipments throughout the customer’s supply chain to avoid any health risks and lengthen shelf life. The shipper needed a portable data logging system with a large memory to store temperature and humidity recordings for printout upon receipt as proof of product quality and best practices. Read more on our Food & Agriculture Applications Note page.

Temperature Monitoring and Alarming in Meat Lockers

Record Temperatures on 8 Channels with Accsense VersaLog
CHESTERLAND OH—January 28, 2013

Accsense VersaLog for freezer monitoring and alarming

Accsense VersaLog for freezer monitoring and alarming

CAS DataLoggers
recently provided Accsense VersaLog Temperature Data Logger as the freezer alarming solution for a slaughterhouse with meat lockers storing product requiring continual temperature monitoring. The company also needed proof of regulatory compliance, so inexpensive software was also needed. In the event of an air conditioner compressor failure, the meat could easily spoil and pose a health hazard, so the business searched for a reliable yet low-cost temperature monitoring and alarming data logger. Read more on our Food & Agriculture Applications Notes page.