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Check Your Food Temperatures with the Push of a Button

food_dataloggerCAS DataLoggers and T&D have just announced the latest product for food safety management for steam tables and buffets, caterers, and more—the new T&D Food Core Temperature Data Logger. Equipped with a needle probe, these dataloggers fully comply with HACCP regulations and are now available from CAS DataLoggers to give small businesses a cost-effective way to automate their operation. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

Is Your Oven Burning Up Money?

Oven Temperature Profile Data Logger

Oven Temperature Profile Data Logger

Is your oven producing under- or overcured parts, field failures, and high energy costs which lose your business money every day? CAS DataLoggers has the solution with our Oven Temperature Profiling Data Logger, a high-accuracy oven logger designed specifically for through process and surface coating applications. Read more on how to save costs on our new Product Announcements page.

Wireless Monitoring and Alarming System for IVF Incubators


Automated Medical Monitoring System

Automated Medical Monitoring System

CAS DataLoggers has recently provided the medical monitoring and alarm system for an in vitro fertilization clinic which needed a wireless setup to monitor and alarm several incubators. Staff need to maintain the incubators at a constant temperature of 37oC (99oF) and a relative humidity of 99%. This complex setup required an automatic system to monitor and alarm temperature, humidity and CO2 in real time to alert staff of unsafe levels and  help prevent any losses. Read more on our Environmental Applications Notes page.

5 Ways Accsense Alarm Systems Can Protect Your Business

Wireless Automated Monitoring from CAS DataLoggers

Accsense Cloud-Based Solutions

Accsense Cloud-Based Solutions

At CAS DataLoggers we offer our signature Accsense Wireless Monitoring and Alarm systems for temperature-critical applications in cold chain storage, process monitoring and many other applications. These cloud-based solutions send out email, text message, and phone alarms to multiple designees. Here are 5 ways the Accsense advantage can protect your business from losing inventory, experiencing process delays, or costly machine failures:

Emerging Trends in Data Logging—A Look at RFID Technology

Product-Tracking Technology Revolutionizes Data Collection
CHESTERLAND OH—February 11, 2013

smart_labelsEvery day, CAS DataLoggers offers customers our temperature monitoring and alarming solutions for use in a wide range of industries. With this in mind, let’s take a look at Radio Frequency Identification (also known as RFID, smart labels, or smart tags) and its increasing use in temperature monitoring, asset tracking and even biometrics. We’ll analyze this emerging DAQ trend and how it’s already challenging more conventional products over a wide variety of monitoring applications. Read more on our Data Logging Tutorials page.

CAS DataLoggers Takes Over Accsense Manufacturing

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that we have now moved manufacturing for our Accsense Monitoring and Alarming Systems in-house to offer our customers a wider range of repair services and more frequent firmware updates. This deepens our strong commitment to supplying low-cost wired and wireless fridge and freezer monitoring solutions for your medical, life science, and industrial temperature monitoring applications. Read more on our Press Releases page.

New Intrinsically Safe Humidity/Temperature Datalogger From CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers and MadgeTech offer the latest in data logging safety—the RHTemp1000IS Intrinsically Safe Humidity and Temperature Data Logger. This affordable logger is certified for use in hazardous environments, ideal for EtO sterilization and many other hostile environment applications. No more removing end-caps to download your data–simply insert the logger into the USB docking station and the free user-friendly software does the rest! Read more on our Product Announcements page.

Monitoring Engine Temperature/Humidity in Storage Using a Modbus Gateway

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the wireless datalogging solution for a customer who needed to monitor replacement engines for temperature and humidity in storage. Whenever they were discovered to have corroded due to excessive heat/humidity, the plant’s operation went offline which cost the plant thousands of dollars each time. The engines were stored in 3 metal warehouses near a main office, so the storage supervisor needed all the data to be accessible from all 4 buildings. An AirGate Modbus Gateway was the solution to quickly integrate the plant’s new wireless technology and enable remote monitoring of conditions in each building. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.

Pest Control Kit for Wireless Temperature Monitoring

New Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit Proves Bedbug Sterilization

Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit

Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit

With summer well underway, exterminators and pest control companies are increasingly called out to deal with Cimex Lectularius, better known as the common bedbug. Thriving in this especially dry season, these bloodsucking parasites are difficult to eradicate and can also cause rashes, allergic symptoms, and loss of sleep. During the lengthy heat treatment process, it’s vital to avoid overheating the infested room and to make sure that the temperature doesn’t rise too quickly. To provide pest control workers with real-time monitoring, CAS DataLoggers now offers the new Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit to verify that the correct sterilization temperature is reached and maintained per specifications for sufficient time to guarantee complete eradication. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS Offers Bestselling Oven Temperature Profiling Kit

New Low-Cost Temperature Data Logger Excels in Surface Coating Applications

CHESTERLAND OH—December 12, 2011

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with Grant Instruments to jointly introduce the newest, most cost-effective solution designed specifically for through process and surface coating applications. The Grant OMK-610 Temperature Data Logger is a compact, 6-channel temperature datalogger accepting a wide range of Type-K thermocouple probes. This convenient kit offers many new features to reduce operating costs and assist in production quality control, including an enhanced stainless steel thermal barrier providing maximum insulation from paint and finishing ovens, shielding the logger against temperatures of up to 250°C (482°F) for up to 50 minutes. As an optional safeguard, the logger can be further protected with a unique phase change insert to absorb heat and extend operation to a full 100 minutes at 250°C. This single kit provides everything customers need for their paint oven temperature profiling and paint cure calculations in one user-friendly system. The kit sees broad use in many paint applications including automotive parts manufacturing, vehicle component finishing, household appliance manufacturing, paint supply, architectural finishing, oven manufacturing, and office furniture finishing.

The new data logger features up to 6 temperature channels and stores up to 250,000 readings. The logger directly prints out standard reports without requiring a PC for production, reporting on all functions of the curing process and giving customers proof of compliance of all their stoving requirements. This comprehensive oven temperature profiling system features sample rates of up to 8 samples/second and a USB interface to communicate with a PC for setup and download of stored data, ensuring consistent product quality and cheaper operating costs. The Grant profiling kit also provides powder coating finishers with the data needed to reach the optimal cure level more effectively during the start-up process. After the process has been programmed and entered into the temperature monitor, the logger supports ongoing data recording to maintain process consistency and integrity when duplicating projects.

The battery-operated data logger arrives packaged in a complete kit including its own carrying case, a quick-start guide, a set of batteries, and also offers an option for fast-response and high-accuracy probes in clip-on, magnetic and combination types with models for both surface and air temperature measurements.

Additionally, the new temperature profiling kit includes the latest version of the streamlined PaintView setup and data analysis software, a user-friendly spreadsheet-style software package exclusively for the paint and finishing industry– included FREE with every OMK-610 temperature logger. PaintView enables storage of preprogrammed cure data and display of calculated cure percentages at no additional costs to the user. PaintView also allows easy setup and automatic data download from the datalogger into a meaningful measure of paint cure, giving users their choice between Grant’s ‘classic’ cure or area integration cure analysis methods. PaintView also provides rapid interpretation of results even for more advanced paint cure calculations. Users can graphically analyze historical and on-line data with fully annotated curves, use zoom and cursor scrolling analysis, and create advanced reporting. The software’s tolerance curve feature gives users the ability to draw their ideal curve and check that their data fits. Users can easily view and control logger status from a single screen and save all settings for reuse, while a security function protects all data and setup configurations. PaintView also builds databases of different paint types from different paint manufacturers, and exports data into Excel™ or as a CSV file for customizable data analysis.

This universally popular temperature profiling kit not only beats the competition’s price but also outshines comparable products in ease of use. Now users can meet paint manufacturers’ specified cure parameters, maintain a specified level of cure to ensure repeatable quality, and maximize oven usage and throughput–all at a surprisingly low price.

Check out the Grant OMK-610 Oven Temperature Profile Data Logger product page here.

For further information on the Grant OMK-610 Oven Temperature Profile Data Logger, other temperature dataloggers in the highly successful Grant line, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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