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Temperature Monitoring of Cooling Metal for Quality Welds

DataTaker is the Standalone Solution

Accurate Temperature Data Helps Prevent Metal Deformation

CHESTERLAND OH—December 18, 2014

CAS DataLoggers provided a dataTaker DT82I Industrial Datalogger for a welding company working on a wide variety of metal parts. Welders first have to preheat the metal before welding, so they needed a temperature monitoring system to display the metal temperature and ensure a quality weld. Read more on our latest Construction Apps Notes page.

Data Loggers Monitor Bearing Temperature to Prevent Failure

Effective and Reliable Temperature Monitoring

Wired and Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems from CAS DataLoggers

CHESTERLAND OH—October 6, 2014

The condition of the bearings in your industrial equipment is tied to the condition of your machinery and your process itself. If you’ve never experienced a shutdown caused by sudden bearing failure, you want to keep it that way! Learn more about how automated condition monitoring at

Comparison of Thermal Buffer Effectiveness

Temperature Buffer Study for Medical Monitoring

Submitted March 18, 2014

In our latest white paper, we collected experimental data to examine the behavior of RTD probes in various thermal buffers in refrigerator and freezer medical monitoring applications. Going over the data in detail for each different type of temperature buffer, we came to several conclusions based on their performance. Read more in our new White Paper!

‘Smart’ Temperature Data Logger Reduces Solder Waste

Automated Process Monitoring and Alarming

CAS DataLoggers Helps a Manufacturer Improve Product Quality
CHESTERLAND OH—February 6, 2014

CAS DataLoggers has just provided the dataTaker ‘smart’ temperature monitoring data logger for a manufacturing plant looking for a way to reduce the amount of time and money lost on wasted solder and scrapped products. Read more about how this solution is helping improve product quality on our Quality Assurance Applications Note page.

Nitriding Process Temperature Trending Using a Data Logger

Industrial Automation in a Single System

Industrial Automation in a Single System

This November CAS DataLoggers supplied the industrial automation solution to Northeast Coating Technologies in Kennebunk, Maine. Engineer Conrad Woodman is using our dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger to continually monitor NCT’s production Melonite® line, specifically the salt bath area. The dataTaker is recording tank temperature from multiple thermocouples and using these readings to trend the run data to prove best practices to customers. Read more about this automated setup on our Equipment Monitoring Apps Notes page.

Q&A: 10 Factors to Consider When Buying a Temperature Data Logger

Data Loggers for Your Temp Monitoring Application

Data Loggers for Your Temp Monitoring Application

At CAS DataLoggers we talk every day with callers looking for the right datalogger for their temperature monitoring application. Often people are new to datalogging and aren’t sure which manufacturer or feature to go with. If you’re researching based on functionality, price, or specifications, check out these 10 factors to help you find the right datalogger for your application: Read more on our Product Announcements page.

Data Loggers Automate HVAC Product Testing

Automatic Remote Data Transmission from CAS DataLoggers

Automatic Remote Data Transmission

CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the dataTaker remote monitoring solution at the end of May last year for a product development department in a Californian startup energy company. The business produces refrigerant products for use in several HVAC applications to increase energy efficiency in coolants, air conditioning systems and more. Project Manager Kendall Blair required a device with a built-in display that could automatically send all collected data directly to a remote PC. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.

CAS DataLoggers Provides the Providers With Server Cabinet Monitoring


Server Monitoring and Alarming Solution

Server Monitoring and Alarming Solution

CAS DataLoggers has just provided the turnkey monitoring/alarming system for an ISP with a large server storage room requiring continual temperature and humidity monitoring at 750 points over wall-length 23″ air-conditioned storage cabinets.  With summer approaching, if any server went down due to a failed AC compressor, the business would only realize it when the calls started coming in. Ideally this would all be done using a single data logger system which could connect to both sensor types. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.

Materials Testing Applications: Monitoring Temperature

All-in-One System for Materials Testing

All-in-One System for Materials Testing

At CAS DataLoggers we frequently supply data logging systems for customers needing a solution for product quality assurance and safety/reliability testing. For example, roofing materials can simply be left out in the heat to see how they perform in the most punishing conditions. As dataTaker’s master distributor for North America, CAS DataLoggers offers the new Series 3 dataTaker Intelligent Data Loggers for material testing projects.

Verifying Temperatures on an Appliance Test Wall

Connect to Almost Any Temperature Sensor Using a High Analog Input Count
CHESTERLAND OH—April 22, 2013

All-in-One Test Application Solution from dataTaker

All-in-One Test Application Solution from dataTaker

Test walls form a convenient way to perform product verification for testing appliances from ovens to dishwashers to stoves. Some facilities use specialized test walls of various sizes, holding stacks of units undergoing testing/verification. However, due to the need to test multiple units at once, these applications often demand a high analog channel count. Now CAS DataLoggers has the cost-effective solution for these test setups with the Series 3 dataTaker DT85 Data Logger. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.