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Temperature Buffer Study for Medical Monitoring

Comparison of Thermal Buffer Effectiveness

Submitted March 18, 2014

In our latest white paper, we collected experimental data to examine the behavior of RTD probes in various thermal buffers in refrigerator and freezer medical monitoring applications. Going over the data in detail for each different type of temperature buffer, we came to several conclusions based on their performance. Read more in our new White Paper!

Wired and Wireless Plans for Any Facility

Now You Can Renew Your Accsense Monitoring Subscription Online

Choose the Pricing Scheme That’s Best for Your Facility!
CHESTERLAND, OH January 22, 2014

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that Accsense users can now renew their Accsense Monitoring Subscriptions online at our Online Store at Read more on our News Items page.

Complete Temperature Monitoring Kit

World-Class Medical Monitoring in One Kit!

Accsense Delivers Your Temperature Data in Real Time
CHESTERLAND OH—January 9, 2014

Do you need reliable temperature monitoring for a medical fridge, freezer or incubator? CAS DataLoggers now offers the new Accsense Continual Monitoring Kit including our bestselling A2-05 Ethernet Temperature Data Logger, Compact RTD Probe, a NIST Calibration Certificate, and a 1-year Monitoring Subscription. Your kit also comes complete with our free technical support–and all for under a thousand dollars. Read more on our Press Releases page.

Accsense Customers Achieve Joint Commission Accreditation

Accsense Sends Your Data to the Cloud

Accsense Sends Your Data to the Cloud

CAS DataLoggers is proud to celebrate the achievements of our customers! Our Accsense monitoring systems have been in use in America’s hospitals since 2006, providing remote monitoring, data logging and alarming to protect everything from critical medications, blood products, children’s vaccines, and lab samples. Check out our Accsense users who have been awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of ApprovalTM on our News Page:

Is Your Hospital or Pharmacy Still Using A Penny in a Cup?

Accsense Power over Ethernet Datalogger

Accsense Power over Ethernet Datalogger

Is your healthcare organization still using the ‘penny in a cup’ method to monitor temperatures in your medical refrigerators and freezers? The Joint Commission has stated that this practice is now outdated and does not meet its standards—in fact, using this method your vaccines or samples could be spoiling and you may not catch it in time since the ice refreezes. For these critical healthcare monitoring applications CAS DataLoggers offers its Accsense temperature monitoring and alarming systems. Read more on our Press Releases page.

CAS DataLoggers Completes Service Update for Accsense Systems

Accsense Real Time Data Loggers

Accsense Real Time Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers has just completed the transition to a new server for our Accsense data loggers, ensuring improved service reliability for our customers who depend on its text message and voice alarms every day to protect their high-value product such as perishable food, childrens’ vaccines, or any temperature-sensitive product. Read more on our News Items page.

5 Ways Accsense Alarm Systems Can Protect Your Business

Wireless Automated Monitoring from CAS DataLoggers

Accsense Cloud-Based Solutions

Accsense Cloud-Based Solutions

At CAS DataLoggers we offer our signature Accsense Wireless Monitoring and Alarm systems for temperature-critical applications in cold chain storage, process monitoring and many other applications. These cloud-based solutions send out email, text message, and phone alarms to multiple designees. Here are 5 ways the Accsense advantage can protect your business from losing inventory, experiencing process delays, or costly machine failures:

3 Dataloggers Which Send Alarms to Your Mobile Device

Keep Your Data Close with CAS Data Loggers
CHESTERLAND OH—April 8, 2013

Stay connected to your critical data with CAS DataLoggers!

Stay connected to your critical data with CAS DataLoggeres!

With new technologies emerging every year, industry and healthcare technicians increasingly expect monitoring and alarm systems to work with their mobile phones so they can quickly respond to any changes in product or process temperature. CAS Data Loggers has many products supporting this remote alarming capability, including dataTaker, Novus, and T&D. Check out 3 dataloggers which let you track your temperatures anytime on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Exhibits at Pittcon 2013

Showcasing T&D Data Loggers with Remote Data Collection
CHESTERLAND OH—March 27, 2013

pittcon_2013CAS DataLoggers has just returned from Pittcon 2013, held March 17–21 in Philadelphia, PA. A longtime exhibitor since 2006, this year CAS DataLoggers set up at the T&D booth to show attendees how to cut costs and save time using automated monitoring/alarming and remote data transmission. In light of increasing regulatory pressures such as Title 21 CFR Part 11, you can now have proof of full regulatory compliance. For this year’s show, CAS DataLoggers offered a wide range of data logger products for life science applications. Read more on our Press Releases page.

How Fast Should You Sample on Your Thermocouples?

CAS DataLoggers Helps You Save Logger Memory and Filespace
CHESTERLAND OH—February 28, 2013

Learn how to save device memory and time spent analyzing!

Learn how to save device memory and time spent analyzing!

At CAS DataLoggers our customers often call in to ask us how often they should set their data loggers to sample for their particular monitoring and alarming projects. While this can vary based on your application, we have useful recommendations to help you save device memory and time. Taken from the advice our Applications Specialists give as part of our free tech support, here are some suggestions on how to drill down to the data you need to capture. Read more on our General Tech Articles page.