Temperature Data Loggers

Accuracy of a Data Logger – Convenience of a Flash Drive

CAS DataLoggers and Lascar Electronics have partnered to announce the release of the new EL-USB-1-LCD Temperature Data Logger with LCD. This standalone data logger measures and stores up to 16,378 temperature readings over a -35 to +80°C (-31 to +176°F) measurement range. Continue Reading…

64KTM Temperature Recorder

The Delphin 64KTM was developed to provide a multi-channel solution for temperature measurement using thermocouples. It provides 64 differential inputs with 110V isolation and galvanic separation prevent measurement errors from ground loops and a 24 bit sigma-delta A/D converter. The Cold Junction reference temperature is measured using a class A, 4-wire RTD enabling an absolute accuracy of 0.2°. Other features include:

  • Industrial grade 19″ rack enclosure
  • Support for E,J,K,L,N,S,R,T,U thermocouples
  • 24 Bit measurement resolution
  • 1 GB Internal memory
  • Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus interfaces
  • Up to 1 GB of local memory
  • Expandable to >1000 channels
delphin 64KTM temperature recorder

Delphin 64 KTM

Typical users are R&D groups and laboratories who need to acquire highly precise temperature measurements. Traditional areas of use are test stations for gas turbines or boilers but the system is also suitable for temperature measurement in ovens, furnaces, heating chambers, temperature controlled enclosures and manufacturing or processing equipment.

The 64KTM is equipped with internal memory for up to 128 million data records. The memory’s independent data recording capability provides data security for long-term measurement runs. Individual channels can be set up with limit values enabling monitoring and alarm functions and calculations including moving averages. The basis version if the 64KTM is set up for 64 channel operation and the modular design enables several units to be connected so that several thousand channels can be processed.

For more information, go to the KTM64 Product Page or call us at 1-800-956-4437. To find out about all of the data logging products we offer including models from more than a dozen manufacturers, visit our web site www.DataLoggerInc.com.

Temperature Recorders

Lascar EL-USB2-LCD


We offer a selection of turn-key temperature recorders that are supplied the with sensors either built into the logger or with an external temperature probe. They provide a complete solution to your temperature data logging needs. There are models with built in USB or Ethernet interfaces. We also offer wireless data loggers that can be used with several versions of base stations to monitor and retrieve the data without having to make a physical connection to the data logger. Several models also provide limit checking with alarms and notification of out of range temperatures.

These device offer a very cost effective solution to basic temperature recording needs. Typically, the operate over a more limited temperature range than Thermocouple or RTD data loggers and provide lower accuracy. However, they are ideal for simple temperature monitoring in refrigerators, freezers, warehouses, and storage areas. Click the following link to go the Temperature Recorder Product Page. If you are looking for a general purpose data logger, please visit our web site, CAS Dataloggers for a complete selection of data logging equipment from more than a dozen manufacturers or call us a 1-800-956-4437.