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Temperature Sensor Tutorial

Temperature measurements are among the most common data logging applications. There are 4 main types of temperature sensors that are used with data loggers for measuring temperature:

Thermocouples which generate a voltage proportional to temperature are the most common type of temperature sensor and are widely used where cost, simplicity and operating range are important and extremely high accuracy is not required. RTD’s and thermistors provide a change in resistance that is related to temperature and while to offer higher accuracy than thermocouples the have a more limited operating range. Semiconductor devices provide an output voltage or current proportional to temperature and offer low cost devices with a limited operating range and accuracy comparable to thermocouples.

For more information on these sensors, click here for the Temperature Sensor Tutorial Page on the CAS DataLoggers Web Site.

Universal Input Data Loggers

DT80 Datalogger

DT80 Data Logger

Universal input data loggers provide an excellent solution when you need to record temperature along with other parameters. We offer several models from different manufacturers that can measure voltage, current, thermocouples, RTD’s, strain gauges or many other sensor type. This flexibility provides several advantages:

  • You can move the logger from project to project without having to reconfigure the hardware
  • You can measure multiple types of inputs signals in a single logger for example temperature with a thermocouple, voltage from a pressure sensor and the pulse outputof a flow meter

While these loggers are more expensive than single purpose data loggers, they can greatly simplify more complex data logging projects or projects where the requirements may change over time.

For more information, click the following link for our Universal Input Data Logger Product Page.

Temperature Recorders

Lascar EL-USB2-LCD


We offer a selection of turn-key temperature recorders that are supplied the with sensors either built into the logger or with an external temperature probe. They provide a complete solution to your temperature data logging needs. There are models with built in USB or Ethernet interfaces. We also offer wireless data loggers that can be used with several versions of base stations to monitor and retrieve the data without having to make a physical connection to the data logger. Several models also provide limit checking with alarms and notification of out of range temperatures.

These device offer a very cost effective solution to basic temperature recording needs. Typically, the operate over a more limited temperature range than Thermocouple or RTD data loggers and provide lower accuracy. However, they are ideal for simple temperature monitoring in refrigerators, freezers, warehouses, and storage areas. Click the following link to go the Temperature Recorder Product Page. If you are looking for a general purpose data logger, please visit our web site, CAS Dataloggers for a complete selection of data logging equipment from more than a dozen manufacturers or call us a 1-800-956-4437.

RTD Temperature Recorders

TandD RTD temperature recorder

TandD RTR-52pt RTD Temperature Recorder

We have several models of data loggers that are suitable for use with RTD’s.  RTD sensors provide improved temperature measurement accuracy over thermocouples. The main tradeoff is that they have a more limited temperature measurement range than thermocouples.

An RTD works by changing resistance in a very predictable way in a proportion to changes in temperature. To make the measurement, the data logger will source a known current through the RTD and measure the voltage across it. From this it can calculate the resistance and then convert the resistance to temperature. Because the resistance of the lead wires which attach the sensor to the data logger can cause measurement errors, 3 or 4 wire RTD’s can be used. These allow the data logger to compensate for the effects of this resistance and subtract it from the measured value to improve the measurement accuracy.

For more information, click here for the RTD Temperature Recorder Page. For a brief tutorial on sensors for temperature measurements, please click here for the Data Logger Tutorial Page on our CAS Dataloggers Web Site.

Thermocouple Data Loggers

We offer a selection of data recorders designed to be used with thermocouples, the most common temperature measurement sensors. These loggers are ideal if you only need to measure temperature and if you don’t need extreme accuracy. If your data logging application requires that you measure temperature along with other parameters at the same time, we suggest you check out our Universal Input Data Loggers. If you need higher temperature measurement accuracy, you may want to consider aTemperature Data Logger for RTD Sensors or Data Loggers for Thermistors.

Thermocouple Data Logger Product Page

A Note on Thermocouples: Thermocouples are widely available, come in many differenet styles and cover a very wide temperature range. Their main disadvantage is that their accuracy is less than other temperature sensors. The ASTM provides limits for standard thermocouple wire that are typically on the order of 1-2°C although Special Limits of Error (SLE) wire is available at additional cost. The other consideration with thermocouples is that they generate a very small voltage especially around 0.0°C which may cause issues in electrically noisy environments or if long wire runs are required.

Oven Profile Data Loggers

We offer several different temperature profiling systems from 1 to 6 channels to gather data to help optimize processes and minimize costs for baking, powder coat curing and other process ovens. Oven Profile Grant SQ2010 Data Logger

These systems include temperature data loggers and thermal barriers that are designed to be passed through conveyor or batch ovens. They can measure the temperature profile of items as they pass through the oven to determine how fast they heat/cool or how uniform the temperature is across the part. They are useful for electric, gas and radiant ovens.

Grant Systems provide a complete turn-key package including data logger, thermal barrier and probes especially designed for paint curing applications. The PaintView software program provided as part of these systems includes % cure calculations, and direct printer support.

The Madgetech systems provide a low cost easy to use solution including data logger, thermal barrier and thermocouples for basic oven temperature measurements.

Custom thermal barriers are available on request for other applications that have different process time/temperature profiles.

Welcome to Temperature Recorders and Temp Data Loggers

Temperature Records for CAS is a micro-site dedicated to all forms of temperature data loggers and recorders. This site is owned by Computer Aided Solutions.  If you are looking for a temperature data logger or temperature recorder, please visit our main site at CAS Dataloggers or call us at 1-800-956-4437. We have a great selection of temperature recording equipment including low cost single channel data loggers, wireless temperature monitoring systems, paperless chart recorders or data loggers with up to 1000 channels. We have data logging equipment for thermocouples, RTD’s, or thermistors as well as self contained units.