Achieving FDA Compliance in a Small Hospital Blood Bank

Accsense Automates Your Temperature Monitoring and Alarming
CHESTERLAND OH—February 27, 2013

Automate your Temp Monitoring and Alarming with Accsense!

Automate your Temp Monitoring and Alarming with Accsense!

Recently CAS DataLoggers provided an Accsense temperature alarm and monitoring system to a hospital blood bank looking to replace their old paper chart recorders. To keep their refrigerated blood supply in a usable condition, the lab’s medical storage units needed to maintain internal temperatures carefully, given the perishability of blood components. The lab technician required a datalogging system that could connect with RTD probes for highly accurate temperature readings and which could automatically store all the data for compliance with FDA Title 21 CFR and CAPA regulations. Read more on our Life Science Applications Notes page.


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