Pest Control Kit for Wireless Temperature Monitoring

New Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit Proves Bedbug Sterilization

Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit

Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit

With summer well underway, exterminators and pest control companies are increasingly called out to deal with Cimex Lectularius, better known as the common bedbug. Thriving in this especially dry season, these bloodsucking parasites are difficult to eradicate and can also cause rashes, allergic symptoms, and loss of sleep. During the lengthy heat treatment process, it’s vital to avoid overheating the infested room and to make sure that the temperature doesn’t rise too quickly. To provide pest control workers with real-time monitoring, CAS DataLoggers now offers the new Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit to verify that the correct sterilization temperature is reached and maintained per specifications for sufficient time to guarantee complete eradication. Read more on our Product Announcements page.


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