Using a Digital Input to Start and Stop a Grant SQ20XX Data Logger

Grant’s Portable and Cost-Effective Monitoring Solutions

CHESTERLAND OH—March 15, 2012

Many Grant Squirrel owners want to use their logger’s digital input to extend logging duration since they don’t need the device to continually log data, and this also helps users who don’t want to sift through a massive amount of data to get the specific information they need. In this way, the device is set to log only when a certain state is met, which is ideal for specific applications such as measuring load on a motor when the line starts, so that the logger won’t record data while the motor isn’t running, and only turns on when the motor pulls. This convenient function is possible using Grant’s SQ20XX series of Squirrel dataloggers, including the SQ2010, SQ2020, and SQ2040 models. All you’ll need is your Grant SQ20XX data logger, 1 DB25 connector, and the data logger’s included Squirrelview software. Read the entire article on our Grant technical articles page.


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