New Wireless Monitoring Solution for Freezers and Meat Lockers

Accsense A1-13 Wireless Temperature Pods Save Time and Cut Costs
CHESTERLAND OH—February 6, 2012

Restaurants and frozen food suppliers constantly work to comply with demanding FDA regulations in the processing and storage stages of their products, including 21-CFR part 11, to guarantee food quality and safety. Restaurants need to closely monitor products kept in walk-in freezers, deli freezers and meat lockers which often fluctuate in temperature due to uneven cooling and staff frequently coming and going. CAS DataLoggers now has the ideal solution with the Accsense A1-13 Wireless Temperature Data Logger, supplying a highly accurate yet hassle-free device protecting clients’ cold chain integrity via automated temperature monitoring. Read the entire article on our product announcement page.


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  1. nelnel @ freezer reviews

    nice product. surely useful to commercial freezer owners.


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