Applying Thermocouple Calibration Corrections

Utilizing the dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Universal Data Logger

CHESTERLAND OH—November 10, 2011

To improve the accuracy of thermocouples, it’s common to have them calibrated by a calibration lab. In this particular scenario, a calibration lab has already provided you with certificate which identifies calibration data at certain temperatures, and you want to apply these calibration connections. All you need are a dataTaker DT80 range data logger, the thermocouples with their calibration certificates, and a PC running Microsoft Excel.

To apply these calibration corrections in the dataTaker data logger, you’ll utilize polynomials, but first you must generate the polynomial. The technique is to calculate a polynomial equation to calculate the adjustments. To calculate the polynomial factors, the results from the calibration lab are expressed as corrections at the measured temperatures. An example of this calibration data is given below:

Open Excel and enter the ‘Test’ and ‘Measured’ values into two columns. Now use the Chart Wizard in Excel to create an XY scatter graph using the data that you just entered. Add a trend line to the graph by right-clicking on one of the graph points and choosing ‘Add Trendline’, or using the Trendline Wizard in the ‘Layout’ tab in Excel 2007 and 2010. For trendline type, choose polynomial and set the order to 5. In Excel 2007 and 2010, make sure you check the ‘Show equation in chart’. In Excel 2003, click on the ‘Options’ tab in the Trendline window and check the ‘Show Equation’ box.

To add the polynomial to your DEX program, go to the thermocouple input in the DEX web interface and click on the ‘Scaling’ tab. Click on ‘Add’ and choose ‘Polynomial’. Enter the coefficients for each of the ‘x’ variables in the K boxes. (Note: The factors are listed in reverse order in the DEX software). Now simply save the program to the datalogger and check your values to make sure that everything is in the correct range.

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