Thermocouple Data Loggers

We offer a selection of data recorders designed to be used with thermocouples, the most common temperature measurement sensors. These loggers are ideal if you only need to measure temperature and if you don’t need extreme accuracy. If your data logging application requires that you measure temperature along with other parameters at the same time, we suggest you check out our Universal Input Data Loggers. If you need higher temperature measurement accuracy, you may want to consider aTemperature Data Logger for RTD Sensors or Data Loggers for Thermistors.

Thermocouple Data Logger Product Page

A Note on Thermocouples: Thermocouples are widely available, come in many differenet styles and cover a very wide temperature range. Their main disadvantage is that their accuracy is less than other temperature sensors. The ASTM provides limits for standard thermocouple wire that are typically on the order of 1-2°C although Special Limits of Error (SLE) wire is available at additional cost. The other consideration with thermocouples is that they generate a very small voltage especially around 0.0°C which may cause issues in electrically noisy environments or if long wire runs are required.